Agarwood Essential Oil




Agarwood Oil contains pinene-acetic acid derivation, linalool actanol, and octyl, bornyl acetic acid derivation, and incensyl incensole acetic acid derivation. These normal fixings assist oil with having the capacity to diminish pressure, weariness, and ease torment, clean the lungs and goes about as a tonic for the skin.

Fundamental Functions and Usage

1. This is a characteristic fundamental oils to lessen pressure, stress, help to breath profoundly and uniformly, assuage tension states, fears.

identified with the past, it’s awesome when utilized for contemplation .

2. Oil can clean the lungs, useful for asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, hack and cold, and forestall disease adequately.

3. Frankincense fundamental oil revives the skin, assists wounds with mending rapidly, scars on the skin.



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