Catnip Essential Oil

Catnip Essential Oil

The regular names catnip and catmint are at times, however not generally, utilized reciprocally to allude to Nepeta cataria.. Similarly as with every basic oil, it’s critical to affirm the organic name of the fundamental oil that you are working with. This profile explicitly relates to Nepeta cataria. 


Because of its arrangement of the lactone nepetalactone, Catnip Essential Oil is most profoundly viewed for its potential as a mosquito repellent. On the off chance that I am deciphering Dr. Clasp’s remark effectively, Catnip Essential Oil is likewise the nepetalactone that is answerable for catnip’s appreciation for felines. (The reference applies to Nepeta parnassica, however Nepeta cataria is likewise contained up to 84% nepetalactone. [Source: Gkinis G., Michaelakis A., Koliopoulos G., Ioannou E., Tzakou O., Roussis V., Evaluation of the anti-agents impacts of Nepeta parnassica separate, basic oil and its major nepetalactone metabolite against mosquitoes. Parasitol Res. PMID: 24449446. Gotten to January 27, 2014. As refered to in Jane Buckle, PhD, RN, Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare (Third Edition. Joined Kingdom: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2015)

Botanical Name

Nepeta cataria

Sweet-smelling Description 

Catnip Essential Oil smells herbaceous with a stifled mint fragrance. 

Catnip Essential Oil Uses 

  1. Hostile to Microbial 
  2. Germicide
  3. Hostile to Spasmodic 
  4. Blockage 
  5. Mosquito-Repellent

Catnip Essential Oil Safety Information 

Tisserand exhorts that Catnip Oil might be a skin sensitizer and to utilize it with alert. 

This basic oil represents a higher danger of causing disturbance and refinement when utilized in the shower. Abstain from utilizing it in the shower, regardless of whether it is solubilized/weakened.

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